Regine Petersen | Galerie Jo van de Loo

Ausstellung bis 1. August 2015

Fotografien der Künstlerin Regine Petersen (*1976) gibt es noch bis 1. August in der Galerie Jo van de Loo zu sehen.

Regine Petersen uses incidents of meteorite falls as a background for her work; an encounter of a woman with a rock that crashed through the roof of her Alabama home in the 1950’s, a group of children recovering a meteorite in their village in post-war Germany and a more recent event from 2006 in the closing chapter The Indian Iron, involving two Rajasthani shepherds. Just as meteorites could be considered time capsules, each chapter encapsulates a specific place in a certain time, questioning the notions of memory and history and the relationship between the ordinary and the sublime.